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"Working from home wasn't an easy transition for our company. But Power Space has given us the confidence, research, and bite-sized lessons we needed to succeed."—Josh Rhine, CMO, Lume Cloud


How can your employees make a bigger impact, whether working in office, hybrid, or remotely? After thoroughly researching that question, this is our answer: 1) Give employees the proven instruction they need to successfully navigate all working environments. 2) Teach in a way that's potent, accessible, and considerate of their time. 3) Email a range of productivity, communication, and behavioral strategies to bring it all together. 🎯 Prices start at $1/year per employee (if you send the lessons yourself). For a few dollars more, options include optimized delivery with automated accountability ($3/year per employee) and lesson personalization ($5/year per employee). 💵

With 20 years of self-development training, Power Space was founded in quarantine by Wesley Lovvorn and Blake Snow. The former built a multi-million dollar construction company and is a true southern gentleman. The latter is a recognized journalist, bestselling author, and Fortune 500 writer. Both are committed to helping HR departments get the most from their workforce, while helping their employees to get the most from their day. 🙌 If you feel this small investment could benefit your workers, we hope you’ll order now with our 60-day money-back guarantee or reach out with any questions. If not, would you consider forwarding this opportunity to someone who might be interested? 🙏


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"At first we didn't think we needed supplemental employee training. But Power Space's 5-minute mastery lessons changed all of that. Their curriculum is smart team building and personal development for the work-from-anywhere company."—Sujith Babu